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I've been project managing for over ten years in all sorts of settings, I'd say it's the element of my career that unifies all the different fields I've dipped into. 


From chickens in care homes with HenPower, to all night art raves, I have the breadth of skills and experience to be able to coordinate even the most niche of creative, cultural events. Big budgets, no budgets, unlikely venues, teams of twenty, or just me, chances are I've given it a go and made it work. 

What separates me from other skilled project managers is my focus on inclusion. As someone who has often felt excluded from mainstream events through lack of appropriate facilities, non-inclusive language, or a lack of diverse representation, I bring personal and researched inclusivity practice to whatever I work on. 

Let's talk if you think you need a seasoned professional to help realize your vision, no matter the scale, or stage of development you might be up to. 

Here's an access document I created for one of the Riposte.Ldn events. Feedback from people who came to the party told us there's a real need for this sort of precision and detail in access provision - and a real lack of it across the board as things are. 

Funders after some tangible evidence of what's happened with their cash? You need a monitoring report!

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