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A Bit of Culture.... 


I love the nightlife! I got to boogie on the disco 'round, oh yeah. 

Yes, if you've seen me anywhere lately, chances are its at 2am on a sweaty dancefloor, serving out gallons of Welfare joy! You can catch me mopping up the juiciest of our community's offerings at FOLD and Dalston Superstore (where I'm the Welfare lead!). 

But you know me, never one to do things by halves. So, with my beloved darling Yannis, I have started a brand new queer security and welfare agency! Have a nose here: 

final safe2 sparkle.png


​I'm an incredibly experienced facilitator, having worked in a varied range of settings including community arts programmes, recovery groups, activism projects, and as a guest facilitator at conferences and on panel talks. If you need a one-off or returning facilitator with a flair for lively interactions and gentle provocation, get in touch! 

Workshops I offer include:

  • The Politics of Care - a look at how care has been repackaged in the context of post-modernism and capitalism 

  • Living Trash - my take on reclaiming the power in subversion and alienation 

  • Burnout - how to spot it, how to avoid it - based on my own lived experience, applicable to any setting 



It turns out I'm a real archive geek! Bringing together my love of event planning, community outreach, and keepsakes, I have worked with the Bishopsgate Institute and London Metropolitan Archives on a number of events, including: 

  • Annual LGBTQI+ Conference - 'Queer Space' - 2023
    I will be curating this year's LMA conference, examining the ideas in, around, behind Queer Spaces

  • OutLoud - LMA - 2022 Curator
    A monthly online glimpse into the personal archives that adorn and inform our queer community. Focusing on non-formal collections, archives, histories and futures, reminding us that we're all living archives in the making

  • Liberation Fronts - In Celebration with.... - 2022
    A series of events at the Bishopsgate Institute showcases the richness and diversity of the global radical community. So far we've featured the queer Arab cultural archive Takweer, documentary film makers from Queer China UK, and other brilliant activists, archivists and creatives 

  • The Revolutionary People's Constitutional Convention - 2021
    An international, commemorative conference taking place over 2 days, inviting some of the keenest revolutionary minds from across the globe to celebrate 50 years since the Black Panthers' 'Revolutionary People's Constitutional Convention in 1970

Liberation Fronts at the Bishopsgate, September 2021


Yes, I am a tour guide! Do you and your friends, colleagues, interest group, dog, mum... want to discover the buried history of the London's Queer past? I write bespoke tours with my pals at Queer Tours of London, so let me take you back in time to the Colony Club of Frith Street, the cruising ground of Old Moorfields, and beyond...


These Pride art and protest workshops were highly engaging and informative. It was great to see such a mix of residents enjoying themselves, the facilitators from Rebel Dykes and Dani from Queer Tours of London were great at getting everyone involved, it was lovely to hear people tell their own stories and local histories in response to the workshop. The art pieces created by participants were also fantastic, lots of different materials were available so anyone, no matter what their skill, could make something great to take home with them.

Tara Hudson, Strategic Communications Advisor, Communications Engagement & Culture team, Hackney Council

Best Meetup group meet ever! Learned so much, super interesting, empowering and informative. Completely transformed my thinking on effective and representative protest and allowed a great idea to be developed and designed in it. Thanks for the great organisation too, all welcomed and supported equally and compassionately. Highly recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌈

Sam, 'The Art of Protest' workshop participant, August 2021

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